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Transmission Preventative Maintenance

Proper Maintenance of Your Transmission is Crucial

Automatic Transmission Preventative Maintenance | Circle D TransmissionWe realize that many of you visiting our site probably already have a transmission problem. For whatever reason, we’ve found that most people neglect servicing their transmission. They may change their motor oil like clock-work, but forget that their transmission needs maintenance, too. If you don’t have any transmission issues, kudos to you – you’re one step ahead in the game!

Preventative maintenance for your transmission, the same as for your engine, aids in prolonging its life expectancy. We recommend that you have your transmission serviced every 2 years or 25,000 miles. However, under extreme driving conditions we advise that you put your transmission on a 15,000 mile service program.

Some transmissions have a removable pan and filter (see picture) and others do not - all we can do is a drain and fill on those types of units. The majority of the time we use a Universal Synthetic Transmission fluid (ATF) unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise. We are also able to service transfer cases along with rear and front differentials.

When we service the transmission we always road test the vehicle first to make sure that the transmission is functioning properly. Next, we put the vehicle on the lift and perform a visual external inspection. We are checking for leaks or anything else that may need attention. The next step is to remove the transmission pan (if equipped) and then break the transmission filter open for inspection. If we notice any metal or debris in the filter we will let you know at this point. However, if everything looks good we will install a new filter, pan gasket (if not reusable) and reinstall the pan. The final step is to add the proper amount of transmission fluid and then road test the vehicle once more.

Please call us to set up an appointment to service your transmission at 713‑895‑7019 or submit a contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with our availability! We can either schedule a waiting service appointment or you can leave it with us for the day.