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Transmission Diagnostics

Circle D Technician Conducting Transmission Diagnostics in the Front Seat of VehicleTransmission Diagnostics in Houston

We want to start by saying that the most expensive transmission repair is the one you didn't need. A proper transmission diagnosis is critical - quite often we see faulty vehicle computer signals, malfunctioning electrical components such as sensors and solenoids, or low battery voltage, just to name a few, as the culprits of what clients suspect is a major transmission problem.

Second, the transmission diagnosis is only as good as the technician performing the diagnosis and the diagnostic equipment available to them to do so. At Circle D Transmission, we invest in continual education by attending technical seminars/webinars on a regular basis and all of our scanning equipment is kept up to date.

Third, what separates us from general automotive repair when it comes to diagnosing your transmission issues is that we have the experience and ability to perform not only major transmission repairs and replacements, but also to rectify minor issues that don’t require removal of the transmission.

In order to properly diagnose your transmission, we start with what we call the initial evaluation:

• We check the transmission fluid level and condition of the transmission fluid

• We scan your vehicle’s computer for any DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

• We road test your vehicle to duplicate your complaint

• We leave our scanning equipment connected while road testing to monitor the electronics on your vehicle

• We will perform a lift inspection, if necessary, to pinpoint the source of a leak or noise

At Circle D Transmission, we are experts in transmission diagnostics. We’ve specialized in transmission repair since 1976 and we’ve kept up with the equipment needed in order to properly diagnose your transmission issues. Our initial evaluation ensures that we are looking for the least expensive way to approach your transmission repair needs. Call us at 713-895-7019 or email us today!