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Signs of a Failing Transmission: When to Seek Transmission Repair

The transmission is a crucial part of a vehicle. It transfers power from the engine to the wheels to make the car move. It is also called the gearbox because it shifts the gears in the vehicle to increase or decrease speed. A vehicle may have an automatic transmission where the gears shift automatically as you accelerate or decelerate, or it may have a manual transmission, which means the driver must shift the gears. 

A vehicle’s transmission is built to last for around 100,000-150,000 miles with regular maintenance, but it may last longer or fail sooner depending on many factors. What are the signs of a failing transmission? How do you know when to seek transmission repair? Learn to recognize the common indicators. 

Check Engine Light Comes On 

As you probably know, the check engine light in your vehicle may come on for any number of reasons. If you take your car to a mechanic, they can check the code that indicates the reason for the check engine light. It may indicate that there is a problem with your transmission, or it may be something else entirely. 

Shifting is Rough or Hesitant 

If your automatic transmission is not shifting smoothly or as soon as you think it should, you may need to seek repair. In a manual transmission, if you feel that the gears are grinding or not shifting smoothly, it may mean that repair is necessary. 

Leaking Transmission Fluid 

If you notice any leakage underneath your car, it could be your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid tends to look dark brown or red in color. It is not as thick as oil, but thicker than brake fluid, so you may need to inspect it closely. If it smells burnt, that indicates a problem with your transmission. 

A Burning Smell When Driving or After Parking 

When your transmission is not working properly it can become overheated or burn transmission fluid, which results in a burning smell. You will typically notice it while you are driving or after you have driven for a while and then park. It may intensify as the gears shift, especially in city driving when you are constantly changing speeds. 

Excessive Shaking of the Center Console 

A failing transmission can cause vibrations or shaking of the center console where the gear shift is located. This could indicate a lack of transmission fluid or contamination of the existing fluid. It could also be caused by a damaged clutch that needs to be replaced. 

Abnormal Noises Coming From Under Your Vehicle

If you hear unusual noises or a sudden increase in noise coming from under your vehicle, it is most likely due to problems with your transmission. Noises from the engine indicate other problems, but the transmission is located under the center console in most vehicles. Be careful not to confuse it with your muffler, which is located near the rear bumper of the car and will cause excessive noise if it is damaged. 

Where To Seek Repair 

In the Houston area, there is no better transmission repair center than Circle D Transmission. We specialize in transmission diagnosis and repair on a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, including performance transmissions. We source quality parts for transmission repairs, rebuilds, and conversions. 

If you’re having any problems with your transmission, call 713-895-7019 or contact us today to schedule a service appointment. 

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