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Minor Transmission Repairs

Automatic Transmission Minor Transmission Repairs | Circle D Transmission

Minor Transmission Repairs in Houston

Circle D Transmission has the expertise to offer a range of transmission repairs that don’t always require the removal, rebuilding or replacement of the transmission. We are able to diagnose and repair electrical issues, faulty sensors or solenoids as well as make calibration changes to the valve-body of your transmission.

If you’re experiencing what you think is a transmission issue, we strongly suggest that you contact us as soon as possible. If you catch a problem in the beginning stages there is a higher probability that we can repair the transmission without needing to rebuild or replace it.

Picture shows CDT technician working on a 2012-F-250, Diesel. The complaint of harsh upshifts and downshifts is being addressed by replacing the valve-body assembly - all accessible without having to remove the transmission. 

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