Transmission Repair Houston – Circle D Transmission

When you are in need of reliable transmission repair, contact the transmission experts at Circle D
Transmission. We offer high quality, affordable transmission repair to Houston vehicle owners.
We service a wide range of vehicle makes, including:
• Acura​
• Dodge/Chrysler/Ram/Jeep
• Ford/Lincoln/Mercury
• GM/Chevrolet/Chevy/GMC/Buick/Cadillac
• Honda
• Infiniti
• Lexus
• Mazda
• Mercedes-Benz
• Nissan
• Toyota
And, we can service nearly any model from these manufacturers. Whether you need transmission
repair on your family sedan, minivan, SUV or fleet/work vehicle, we will be glad to
accommodate you.
How Do I Know I Need Transmission Repair?
Our transmission repair experts in Houston receive a wide variety of questions from vehicle
owners, and this is one of the most common. Common indicators that you need your
transmission to be serviced, repaired or replaced are when your vehicle no longer shifts properly,
hesitates between shifts, gets stuck in one gear or won’t move at all. You also need to have your
vehicle inspected immediately if you notice driveline vibrations, hear grinding noises, see a
transmission leak or if your transmission fluid smells burnt.
You may be able to drive your car with a transmission problem for now, but that won’t last
forever – and in fact, the problem will get worse if you wait too long. We highly suggest that as
soon as you notice a problem that you bring your vehicle to us because you don’t want a small
problem to turn into a big, expensive problem.
Request a Quote for Transmission Repair in Houston
The transmission is, quite literally, the heart of your car – and just as the heart of the body must
be taken care of, the heart of your car should not be neglected either. If you need a quote for
transmission repair or would like to request a diagnostic appointment, contact Circle D
Transmission at (713) 895-7019. You can also email us to request more information, at