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6R80 Performance Transmission Upgrades from Circle D Transmission

Circle D Transmission | 6R80 Billet 300M Steel Intermediate Shaft

6R80 Billet 300M Steel Intermediate Shaft

If you own a late model, six-speed automatic Ford and you want your 6R80 transmission to exhibit better performance than ever, adding some highly recommended upgrades may be the best way to go. Circle D Transmission can provide you with the 6R80 performance transmission upgrades that help your vehicle achieve better speed and longevity. Let us turn your 6R80 into a performance beast! Our 6R80 performance transmission upgrades are most commonly performed on the Ford Mustang.

Performance Modifications for Vehicles with Increased Horsepower

If your vehicle has increased horsepower, it is inevitable that you will need to modify the transmission as well; neglecting to do so would make your transmission the weak link, which will adversely affect your ability to go fast!

If this applies to you, Circle D Transmission can provide the performance modifications your 6R80 transmission needs in order to hold up to the additional horsepower . Let us work our magic on a 6R80 performance transmission for your vehicle; you’ll be blown away by the difference.

The majority of the vehicles that we upgrade or rebuild with a 6R80 transmission have between 600 – 1000 rear wheel horsepower (RWHP). We have been successful with vehicles that have up to 1200 RWHP. Please see our Bench Package Information for details!

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