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Common Transmission Problems and Their Solutions

A person with their hand on the stick shift puts a car into gear

Your vehicle’s transmission is a complex machine within a complex machine (a car). As is the case with any such machine, it can stop working for various reasons.

Understanding common transmission problems and how to fix them can help you save money over the years by minimizing the need for repairs. The following overview covers some noteworthy transmission issues you may encounter, along with how to fix them.

Just remember that attempting to fix a transmission when you don’t know what you’re doing can cause more harm than good. Thus, it’s best to hire transmission repair professionals if you’re unsure of how to address an issue.

Common transmission problems drivers face include:

Transmission Won’t Stay in Gear

Does your transmission fail to easily engage when shifting gears? Or, does it not stay in gear?

Low transmission fluid may be the culprit. Check your transmission fluid levels and add more if you’re running low. 

If addressing low transmission fluid levels doesn’t fix the problem, a shifter cable issue may be the cause. Fixing a shifter cable is something only a professional can do.

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is bright red. Check for transmission fluid stains around all areas you regularly park your vehicle.

Again, low transmission fluid can cause problems. You may add more fluid to address the immediate issue of low transmission fluid levels. However, if you suspect a leak, you’ll have to get an expert to take a closer look. They can determine the leak’s cause.

A Burning Smell

A burning smell when you operate your vehicle is always an issue requiring immediate attention. Often, a transmission leak is the cause.

Get in touch with a professional to address the leak as soon as possible. If you don’t repair a transmission leak in a timely manner, the transmission itself can become damaged beyond repair. You may need to replace your transmission entirely if this happens.

Strange Noises

Your transmission may generate noises you haven’t heard before. Common descriptions for transmission noises include humming, buzzing, and clicking, among others. Some transmission noises are so loud that drivers describe them as roars.

Damage to one of the transmission’s components is likely to blame for these new sounds. Or, a component may be loose. If you lack the expertise necessary to inspect a transmission and repair or replace a damaged part, contact a transmission specialist for assistance.

Shaking at High Speeds

Does your vehicle shake when traveling at high speeds? There are various potential causes for this problem. Because a shaking vehicle can increase your chances of being hurt in a collision, it’s vital to have a specialist take a closer look at your vehicle. They need to confirm the cause of the issue so you can be confident you’re fixing it thoroughly.

A vehicle may shake when traveling at high speeds due to a transmission issue. Per news reports, some vehicle brands like Chevrolet have been the targets of lawsuits due to their faulty transmissions causing this type of problem. If your vehicle needs a new transmission, installing it is a job for the professionals.

The Importance of Addressing Transmission Issues Fast

Never ignore a potential transmission problem, and never attempt to fix the problem on your own if you’re not sure how to do so. Your vehicle can’t run properly without a properly working transmission!

These tips will help you identify the early signs of an issue. When you address a transmission issue fast, you may prevent a minor headache from becoming something much more significant.

Learn More About Transmission Services in Houston, TX

At Circle D Transmission, in Houston, TX, our experts are on hand to take a closer look at your transmission and determine the cause when you encounter common transmission issues. Whether you need basic repairs or a full transmission replacement, we can help. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 713-895-7019 today to schedule an appointment.

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