Bringing vintage back to life.

Let us help you with your vintage vehicle. We can replace your original transmission with a custom built late model over-drive transmission. This type of conversion ensures better drivability & fuel economy.

Are you tired of that noisy ride going down the highway turning about 3000 RPM’S at 60 MPH??? Are you tired of the poor gas mileage???

Let the professionals at CIRCLE D TRANSMISSION work their magic by converting your old 2 or 3 speed automatic transmission to an overdrive transmission with a lock-up style torque converter. This will transform your street cruiser by giving you more available torque off the line and on the top-end improve your gas mileage and street manners. The off season is the perfect time to convert to a 700R4 transmission, so that you will be ready to ride in style next year!

Houston Transmission Repair | Circle D Transmission

Street cruiser conversion package

  • Custom Rebuilt Circle D 700r4 Street Cruiser Transmission
  • Rebuilt Torque Converter (option 1 is hydraulically controlled or option 2 is electrically controlled with a delay module)
  • Cut & Balance & Replace U-joints On Driveshaft (in addition it may require a new yoke)
  • Replace Or Modify Crossmember
  • Hot Flush Transmission Cooling System (in addition it may require a new cooler & lines)
  • Install Detent Cable & Brackets (this installation is critical because improper cable geometry will result in premature transmission failure)
  • Install Dip Stick Tube & Gauge
  • Transmission Mount
  • In addition a shifter may be required and that is based on customer preference
  • Optimum shift points and shift feel to achieve the best ride possible