What do I do if I think I got water in my transmission?

If you are concerned that you may have gotten water in your transmission during the recent flood, please call us ASAP to schedule an appointment. If you did, we can attempt to save the transmission by flushing it and removing the water from the system. This is very important – if you continue to drive the vehicle with water in the fluid, it will eventually cause the water-soluble glue on the clutch plates to disintegrate and the lining on the clutches will separate. There may also be issues with the electronics related to the transmission.  If your vehicle has a dipstick you can check the fluid yourself – it should be a bright, clear red. If it has any type of milky coloration (red, pink or brown in color) call us immediately!  DO NOT DRIVE the vehicle if it has water in the transmission - it needs to be towed to us.  

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