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True Transmission Experts at Circle D Transmission

Do you know what it means to be a true transmission expert? To us it means specializing in one area and working every day to remain as an expert. At Circle D Transmission we specialize in transmission repair - we don't repair brakes, engines, air conditioners, or any maintenance services other than transmissions. What that means to YOU is that we are experts in our field. Our highly trained transmission technicians are able to hone in and become transmission experts with today's sophisticated transmission units. So, if you suspect that your transmission is giving you an issue, go see a transmission specialist - one that is an expert and has the experience to diagnose your transmission properly. Call us at 713-895-7019 or send us an email to:

Frequent Transmission Issues

On a daily basis we get phone calls from clients describing the issues noted below. If your vehcicle is experiencing any of these issues your best bet is to bring it to Circle D Transmission so that we can complete an initial evaluation and address any potential transmission issues. 

1 - I am pressing the gas, but the RPMS are going up and my vehicle is not moving like normal - my transmission seems to be slipping


2 - I hear a strange noise that seems to be coming from my transmission - especially when it changes gears

3 - I notice a leak where I park my car 

4 - My check engine light is on and my car seems to be stuck in one gear

If you're experiencing any of the issues above please call Circle D Transmission at 713-895-7019 or email us at:



Rebuild my Transmission or replace with a Remanufactured Transmission?

At Circle D Transmission, we pride ourselves in the proper diagnosis of your transmission problem. If we determine that your transmission requires rebuilding or replacing, you have more options these days. There are times that it makes more sense to replace your transmission with a remanufactured unit instead of us rebuilding it. For instance, severe hard part damage, a lack of available parts, or a longer / nation-wide warranty, are all things to consider when making the decision to replace your transmission. At Circle D Transmission, we approach every vehicle on an individual basis and look for the best solution for you and your situation. If you suspect that you're having transmission issues, the first step is to bring it to us for a professional diagnosis. Call us at 713-895-7019 or email us at: 

Circle D Transmission - Houston's Top Choice for Professional Diagnosis and Repairs
Circle D Transmission, located in Houston, Texas has been helping people just like you since 1976 with their transmission repair needs. We are still owned and operated by the same family for over 4 decades. So, when you begin noticing a problem with the transmission in your vehicle, we know what you’re thinking...How much is this going to cost me and how long will I be without my vehicle? We know that bringing your vehicle to a transmission repair shop is...