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6L90 Performance Transmission Complete Clutch Module - tom

**OUT OF STOCK** Place your order now - it will be filled as soon as the part is available on a first-come, first-served basis | Includes all 5 Clutch Kits | FREE UPS Ground to the contiguous United States (lower 48)

Kit is designed with 45 tooth 4-5-6 clutch plates. This clutch provides 50% more surface area than a stock clutch setup. Part # 104680-45-P (one piece shaft hub) is required in order to install these clutch plates. Shaft is not included in this kit.

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SKU: CDTPCML3-4/80-CM-P-copy

CDT456L3-4/80 (4-5-6 CLUTCH KIT)
7 G3® Clutches
9 Lindered Steels (varying thicknesses)
1 Stepped Apply Plate
1 Wide Backing Plate
1 Snap Ring
2 Hi-Per Blue® Bonded Pistons

CDT456L3-4/80 offers 50% more clutch apply area than stock. G3® friction material is formulated to achieve minimal wear and maximize heat resistance. Lindered is a chemical and heat treatment process that hardens the steel, which results in less wear. Hi-Per Blue® Pistons are manufactured with upgraded High Performance Blue AEM material for superior thermal and chemical resistance, with better fit and performance. CDT's Billet 4-5-6 clutch hub and intermediate shaft are required in order to use this clutch pack.

CDT35RL3-4/80 (3-5-R CLUTCH KIT)
6 G3® Keyhole Clutches
6 Kolene® Steels (varying thicknesses)
1 Steel Plate
1 Apply Ring
1 Backing Plate
1 Snap Ring

CDT35RL3-4/80 offers 50% more clutch apply area than stock. G3® friction material is formulated to achieve minimal wear & maximize heat resistance. Keyhole Clutch design allows a significant amount of ATF to escape out of the O/D and I/D channels to improve clutch engagement. The pooling of ATF in the slot and hole separates the friction and steels when the clutch is disengaged reducing parasitic drag and heat build-up. Kolene® Steels provide a surface treatment the enhances wear & fatigue resistance.

CDT26L2-3-4/80 (2-6 CLUTCH KIT)
5 Red Eagle® Externally Splined Clutches                                      
5 Red Eagle® Internally Splined Clutches   
1 Externally Splined Plate
1 Snap Ring

Red Eagle® Clutches are designed to limit the amount of slip providing a shorter apply time, generating less heat.

CDT1234L3-4/80 (1-2-3-4 CLUTCH KIT)

5 High Energy® Clutches
5 Steels
1 Backing Plate
1 Snap Ring
1 Spiral Snap Ring
1 Snap Ring Kit


5 High Energy® Clutches
5 Steels