Date of Hire: January 23, 2017

Job Title: Chassis Technician


  • Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering
  • 10 years Electronic Diagnostics Experience
  • Formal training in automotive and diesel technologies from Universal Technical Institute
  • Time sensitive project management experience.

Why are you in this profession?

After the latest downturn from the oilfield I decided to retire that occupation and pursue a career in the automotive industry as opposed to just a hobbyist mechanic, fueled by a passion for anything automotive since childhood. Being a person who enjoys a challenge, I found that heavy work like transmissions, engine swapping, or overhauling to be the most rewarding.  

What are your Hobbies/Interests?

  • Family get togethers
  • Classic vehicles: Rat-rods, restored, or resto-mods
  • ​Fishing
  • Hunting, especially turkey hunting

My Family:

  • Wife: Skye Woodgate
  • Son: Rhys Woodgate
  • Daughter: Halee Woodgate (in college, not at home)